This is me with my son Aidans @theaidanx I love being a mom to 5 boys. 5 compassionate, loving, kind boys who care about things that truly matter. They also live in the USA and live a so called “normal” life…which is to say, they are not home schooled or sheltered from this crazy society. They live in it. But we adapt. By adapting we don’t compromise when it comes to our beliefs, our vegan lifestyle etc. We live as an example. They go to public schools but are taught to question everything. Their lunches are packed from home and everyone knows they’re vegan. They play school sports and everyone on the team and all the parents and coaches know they’re vegan and straight edge. Do they get picked on? Sometimes. But they know how to stand up for what’s right and we talk about these things a lot. Usually kids are surprisingly tolerant of vegans but just have a lot of honest questions. This I feel is important. It’s important to be a part of regular society to show others that vegans are regular, healthy fun people. I admire people who can homeschool but it isn’t for us. Anyway. I love being a mommy to these amazing boys! :) #vegankids #veganfamily #adapting #Raidersfans #ilovemyson

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